Sunday, August 19, 2012


Eggs Benedict!
First time having brunch! Haha. Went to Graze @ Rochester Park with Kar and Eu. Omg was so excited to finally eat poached eggs after watching Julie & Julia eons ago. The place is very big and airy, very suitable for chillin' out. The staff are nice and pretty attentive, other than the fact that they didn't top up our iced water. Lol. But they were pretty quick to come when you need assistance. Food came quite speedily.

THE FOOD. It's quite good (because I have no benchmark for this). But according to Eu, the eggs benedict at Wild Honey is better, but Wild Honey does not have smoked salmon with the eggs benedict. Hurr. And to think this small-looking portion made me feel so full! *licks lips* Maybe Wild Honey's next up for brunch! Or someplace else...?


I've been thinking of revamping my room these days, and I've started! Baby steps, baby steps. Did some shuffling of the position of the furniture today, threw out tons of stuff last week. The only thing is deciding where to place the TV, then I'd be able to start sourcing for the exact pieces of furniture. Oh there's also the thing about my bed. Hmmm. I hope everything goes smoothly! =D