Sunday, July 01, 2012

Eat, eat and EAT!

Ohai interwebs! Been too long since I've last updated. Hurr. I think I say that in almost all the entries. HAHAHA. Been eating and eating tons. D: Seriously need to lose some weight. 

Been decreasing my online presence lately. Not much to do online nowadays anyway? Realllyyyyy need to hasten the editing process for Nana's wedding pictures. *stress*

Feeling so cranking these few days. Has the stress at work been getting to me? Probably. All's good so far but not particularly golden. Oh and I've been confirmed! No sign of a pay raise though. I wonder how much bonus do new staff get. Hmmm. Do we get an increment too? =D 

Just went to Watami for dinner with Mum, Sis, Bro and bf! Think we ordered tons. But food was nice! My hair has some serious smell issues right now though. =( 

Wah I don't remember the last time I blogged like that. LOL. Okay bye.

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