Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kite flying

Our squid/octopus kite!
 Went kite flying with bf for the first time! Went to the Barrage after a quick lunch at Raffles City's Soup Spoon.

There were many kite fliers out there that day, with it being a good weather day and all. The sky was so blue! And we saw a rainbow! Or was it 2?

Spot our kite among the kites!
He bought the kite during his trip to China. Hahaha. The kite's huge! But really easy to keep because there are no sticks! Just a huge bundle of strings. Oh we saw a similar kite too! It was full purple, our is more colorful! =P

Kite with an extremely long tail
Kind of relaxing to fly a kite, but the sun was scorching. =/ I've got a sunburn! =( I think the fun is trying to get it in the air. After getting it up in the sky, it's pretty easy to control already. Maybe we should try kite fighting one day. Hurrrr.

Happy weekends!

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