Monday, April 09, 2012

Random Things

Some random pictures I discovered in my iPhone after transferring them over to the laptop.
Egg Mayo Sandwich and Coffee
 Awesome breakfast to wake up to.

Grapefruit Essential Oil.
Grapefruit essential oil from But apparently it's toxic to cats. Zzzz. Fine. I smell lor. Open then cap and sniff like an addict. HAHAHAHA. But apparently quite many things that I like are toxic to cats. Like tea tree oil. And grapefruit. =.=

Art Science Museum
Went to the iLight exhibition again! Major love. But didn't managed to get super fantastic shots. Hahaha. I liked the one that was in the room with lights that looked like rainfall. <3 very romantic.

Colored Merlion
Also from the iLight exhibition. The projection of the light made the Merlion look painted. Very cool. OH I REMEMBER MY FAV EXHIBIT! The one with a projection into the water about this prehistoric animal living in the water. The projection was SO LIFE LIKE. Amazing.

Strawberry icecream
Something for the walk home from the mrt.

 Mum bought this amazing pillow for me. Because my current pillow was almost completely flat. THIS IS SO NICE! Felt just like the pillows from MBS. Had an awesome sleep.

Worst Jap food stall from TTSH's Kopitiam
Finally found out why there's never a queue at that stall. The food sucks. Serious. I didn't believe it and bought ramen to try... but... =(

Choc chip icecream! 
Something sweet to end the day with.

Handwashing techniques.
 Had to remember this for some handwashing audit. Hahahahaha. Passed with flying colors, obviously. I always forget step 4 though. So weird.


New stroller!!
Their new stroller finally arrived and we went to collect it from Mich! Super love it even though it's not exactly the one I wanted. Hahaha. But similar. So no problems. This can fit all three of them! And they can now sit upright. Downside is that I can't fetch them in the car if I'm using this stroller because the carriage is attached to the frame, unlike the other one. But it's alright! I can push them around the neighborhood, or think of something else. =D

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