Thursday, April 05, 2012

QQ Rice

QQ Rice
I've been eyeing this little shop across the street from TTSH and have actually entered and exited the shop a couple of times too. Daunted by the task of choosing my food.

After I got over the part where I feel 'suaku' about not knowing how to order my food (imagine your first Subway buy - exactly the same), I plucked up the courage one day after work and took the plunge. I queued up for one.

Purple rice with seaweed, turkey bacon, bak kwa, mushroom chicken, chicken floss.
You get to pick out of 6 different kinds of rice, and you can mix 2 kinds of rice if you want to. After which you pick 5 out of like 40+ ingredients. Bad for me because I'm indecisive. Hahahaha. It's like trying to think of what to cook for dinner (not that I've ever done that). Like trying to match a dish. One thing I can say after my first QQ Rice ball, is that I love it. I think it's the fact that there's that seaweed in it. I love that seaweed. Super addictive.

Brown rice + Wheat Germ rice with seaweed, burdock, bak kwa, sambal ikan bilis, chicken floss.
I'm going to try more combinations next time, but till then, seaweed, bak kwa and chicken flood has got to be a must in my rice ball. =D

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