Friday, April 13, 2012

24th @ Sushi Kanazawa

Celebrated his 24th at Sushi Kanazawa for dinner after work!! First time back here after the establishment was renamed from Sushi Kikuzawa to the current Sushi Kanazawa. Sounds confusing? The head chef/boss went back to Japan, so the other chef took over the restaurant. Because we remember seeing the current head chef/boss the previous 2 times we came. =D Read previous entry here (better pictures!)

Standard was a good as before, so no worries! 

Chef at work.
Aburi Amaebi Mentai sushi.
THIS IS... OMG HEAVEN. Soooooo goood!! I think I had like 3 of these, at least. Didn't bring my camera so I made do with my iPhone's. Haha. Only took pictures of some of the more interesting (those I LOVE) ones.

Minced tuna belly and fugu.
Yeah... about the fugu. I don't really see the appeal in this fish. Just gives me the jitters every time I eat it. Hahaha. It seriously tastes like rubberband to me. Okay I just Google-ed and I'm not the only one who thinks fugu tastes like rubberband. HAHAHAHA.

BEST.TAMAGO.EVER (at least in sg)
Best tamago I've tried in SG, so far. Really love it. It's not bright yellow like those you get from Sakae Sushi or Sushi Tei, but it has this greyness about it. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE TAMAGO. Seriously damn good please.

I think that was Aburi Shake (seared salmon). Haha. I don't actually remember eating much of the raw salmon sushi because I LOVE ANYTHING ABURI!! Anything blowtorched, is love.

Bf ordered this onigiri even after we were super full, just to try a traditional onigiri. =.=

Sushi Kanazawa
International Building, #02-13
360 Orchard Road
Singapore 238869
Tel: +65 6738 3833

Lunch Buffet (12pm-3pm):
Mon – Fri: $29.90 (Adult), $19.00 (Child)
Sat, Sun & PH: $39.90 (Adult), $22.00 (Child)

Dinner Buffet (6pm-10pm):
Mon – Fri: $39.90 (Adult), $22.00 (Child)
Sat, Sun & PH: $48.00 (Adult), $25.00 (Child)

Our new bottles! Klean Kanteen!
Hehe. Bf bought a new bottle for himself and got me a smaller one too! \o/ But... I dropped it when I got home. T____T Super sad right now. I feel so clumsy. 

Happy birthday bf!

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