Saturday, April 07, 2012

181 The Home of Seafood Restaurant

Seafood and meat!
So.... Eueu, Kar and I went to eat eat eat!!!


Hotpot and hotplate. LOVE!
We've been looking for the charcoal bbq type of buffet, but the one at Punggol was too far away. So we made do with this. Hotpot with hotplate! It wasn't too bad actually. I think I liked the stuff from the hotplate more than the stuff from the hotpot. But then again, you can't exactly cook veggies on the hotplate, right? The veggies selection is mind-blowing. Give them a try if you can! 

181 The Home Of Seafood Steamboat
Blk 26 Eunos Road 2 #01-151
Singapore, 409386

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