Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Puppies @ Gentle Paws!

Went down to Gentle Paws again last Sunday! 2nd time seeing the new puppies. Brought my camera along this time. They seem to have grown, again! But then again, puppies grow reallllyyy fast. Take more pictures when you can!

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I still have a problem with their names though. Donut, Dazzle, Doreen, Daffy, DaBao. Can't tell between Dazzle/Doreen/Daffy sometimes when they're moving too fast.

She's the only brown puppy!

I like Doreen. She's so docile, I think she'll be a very quiet dog, very easy to train. Just need her to open up a little more.

Daffy or Dazzle with Donut
They eat like.... no tomorrow. Maybe because they were rescued from an offshore island and survived on all sorts of rubbish. Heard they threw up plastic/rubber amongst all sorts of crap after relocating to GPF.

They currently have kind of patchy skin because of a bout of fungus infection? Their immune system not doing very well yet, just had their first vaccination. Need to clean everything and bathe immediately when home to prevent spread to house pets.


Droopy on March 2001
THEY LOOK ALIKE, RIGHT!? Plus, I think their behavior is almost exactly the same. Afraid of humans, very shy and keeps hiding. DaBao's the only boy and the biggest, but the most afraid.


Happy Donut


The thing about black dogs is that... it's so hard to photograph them. And with that weird green cast from the green roof, it makes their color go all wrong. Hahaha. Donut has got to be the easiest to photograph.


GAHHHH Stop squashing me!!


Yodaaaaaa (I think this is Daffy)


Last picture of not the puppies, but one of the adults at GPF, Deckie! Haha. He's sharing his area with the puppies (split half using playpens), poor him. Here's him lying like a turkey.

Turkey Deckie.

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