Sunday, March 18, 2012

Of E-Mooks and Crepes

I finally bought my first e-mook on Wed. Caved in to the awesomeness of stuff that came with the Japanese magazines. Although, technically you're just paying for the product. The stuff in the 'magazine' is usually related to the item like that season's clothes or something. Kinokuniya is awesome. Hahaha. Furthermore, Sis and I bought the e-mooks during the Kino Sale. Further savings! 

Biscuit camera! 
How could I resist, right?

As compared to the iPhone

The biscuit camera is very fun! Bought that on Wed, though I was eyeing probably all the e-mooks. Hahaha. Thanks Sis!!

Today, we went back to Kino again. Because I wanted to buy a small bag to put my uniform to carry to work. What better than a nice looking but affordable bag from a magazine? Hehe.

Fred Perry
I used to scoff at people who buy bags from such magazines, because it's like a cheaper version of the real thing. I eat my words. Hahaha. I love the bag. 

Inside the e-mook itself were the summer collection and while browsing, Sis and I were like "OMG I WANT THIS THIS THIS!!" Plus, Sis bought 2 Agnes b ones to put her work in, and those e-mooks.... I want all the clothes!!! The Japan collection one though. Hahaha. All the clothes are so adorable!!

Mazazu Crepe
Crepe at Liang Court!! Strawberry Banana Caramel with Cheesecake. LOVE IT. I miss the crepes from Japan.

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