Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Beginnings

Today was... interesting. Being rushed off my feet and thrown into the chaos. Haha Let's hope I survive this and come out stronger. The thing about today was that I wasn't given much instructions, just told briefly and had to figure most of my way through. Hahahaha. Thank God for extremely nice people. I don't have a locker though. =( Still upset about that because the temporary location we're at doesn't have enough lockers in the pantry. =(

Overall, I kind of liked it. Other than the fact that my feet are crying out loud, me being hungry and thirsty, but man, did time fly by.


P.S: If you're bored, please check out this Tumblr blog I made for posting pictures I've taken of my cats and other random pets/animals I meet. >> Little Puffballs <<

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