Thursday, March 08, 2012

Good Deed = Good Day!

Yesterday (or should I say the day before?), I found a dog. Ummm. Close to midnight at the void deck near the carpark on the 6th? My first lost dog! Haha. Okay I sound retarded. Anyway, although I've never picked up a lost dog before, I know friends who have had. I know the usual procedures for a found dog, but at that time of the night? It just had to wait.

Shih Tzu!
I saw her walking around without a collar/leash and with no human in sight. So I decided to follow her around. Turns out there was nobody in the vicinity. She kept walking to this block of flats, so I thought she lived there and brought her up the lift to slowly check out the flats. But after trying 3 floors, I realized it was kind of late so I brought her home, intending to try again and bring her to the vet to scan for a microchip or something. Called Mum to check with her and she told me to bring home! First time. Haha.

Brought out Thumper's old playpens and set her up in the kitchen while I went to bathe. I heard her barking and was worried that she might wake Dad. Thankfully, he didn't wake. I thought of shifting her into my room (regardless of the cats hahaha), so I gave her a bath. She was... smelly, to say the least. And I realized that her left eye was probably blind and her right eye was a little swollen.

Put her in Thumper's old corner but she kept whining so I let her out. She didn't really cared about the cats in the room so all was well. Hahaha. So fun to watch their reactions actually. When I went to bed, she kept standing on 2 feet leaning on the bed, asking to be carried onto the bed. =.= I relented because she started barking! D: Hahahaha. She ended up sleeping on my bed. First time having a dog on my bed! So fun.

Thierry was angry, but he didn't run away when the doggy approached him. Snowball was very curious, kept following the doggy around (I think she couldn't recognize a dog under that fluff). Muffin was terrified and refused to leave the scratching post, preferring to watch from high ground.

In the morning....... I woke up to people talking in my room. Mum and a couple in my room. =.= Hahaha. She heard the lady calling "Ah Mui Ah Mui" at the stairs and went to ask her about it. Turns out, they're the owners! And they live above us, not at the next block! And they've just moved in! Turns out, MuiMui the Shih Tzu sneaked out between the grilles of the gate which were a little too wide and went out for a walk. I have no idea how she managed so many flight of stairs. Haha Amazing.

Missing flyer
The owners mentioned something about a reward but Mum turned it down. Haha. Mum brought this flyer home when she saw it downstairs on her way to work. Cool. My first lost and found case! =D So glad the owners were found! Amazing that I didn't even have to do much searching. I wish lost dogs were so easily found. =(

And I had good news today! Haha. Is that good karma from yesterday? =D

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