Sunday, February 05, 2012

Of Italian food and a Backpackers' Pub!

Finally met up with Nana and Ann for dinner! Supposed to celebrate my birthday, but it has passed for like a month already. Hahahaha. Feng couldn't come so... Not a whole PY team. =(
Met them at City Square Mall for dinner! Bf joined us later after his work. Edwin came later too after work! Too bad Andrew's overseas.

First time eating at Saizeriya. Ann and Nana describes it to be a substandard but cheap Italian restaurant. Good to order many many things and satisfying cravings but nothing to rave about. Hahahaha. 

Food shared between us 3.
They were starving and I think they went a little mad ordering food, because the above picture was what they ordered before bf joined us. O.O I ate a little of everything but it was mostly them. LOL. They were really hungry.

Bf's and my mains.
Actually, the food wasn't too bad! Nothing to rave home about but not bad! Really good if you're into value for money food. Haha. I remember the bill being pretty cheap for so many items.

After Edwin joined us, we embarked on a quest to go to this backpackers' pub that Edwin and Ann frequent somewhere in Little India. It was a pretty long walk away from City Square Mall. Many dark alleys and crowded streets later, we reached! It's the Prince of Wales Backpacker Pub! Very nice place! And the logo is a Border Collie! Double likes! Live band too! Haha Sat around and chatted for almost 2hours? Or was it more. =D

Gorgeous Swarovski Pen
The ladies gave me this for my birthday! Love love love it!!! It's so pretty!!! I don't know if I can bear to ever use it though. Hahahaha =D

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