Sunday, February 19, 2012

National Geographic Channel's Free Pet Shop!

Crowded! Nugget (left) and Echo (right) says 'HI!'
Over the weekend there's this event by the National Geographic Channel. The Nat Geo Free Pet Shop! It's not free free, more like a 'pet shop' that doesn't cost the 'shop', but adopters will still have to pay for the adoption of the dog according to each shelter's rate. Why the event? Because this event is to showcase our Singapore Specials!

So Karling, Eunice, Echo, Nugget and I geared up and went on Sunday!

We wanted to go cycling and I wanted to drop by, so what better place to go than East Coast Park on a sunny afternoon? I saw tons of updates on their Facebook page on Saturday. The crowd was fantastic even though it was pouring on Saturday!

4 dog shelters that were involved were Gentle Paws & Friends (GPF), Animal Lovers' League (ALL), Noah's Ark and Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD).

So happy for GPF! Being the youngest shelter. This event would help raise awareness for the Singapore Special dogs (local mixed breed) and also for GPF! =D

Echo and Nugget
Eunice brought her attachment from home for the rental bicycle. Haha. It's this metal rod thing to attach to the bike so she can cycle handsfree with the boys in the picture on the right above.

Gentle Paws and Friends!
Awww. I miss all the doggies! But only some were at the booth. The rest were all out roaming the place (OMG SO MANY DOGS). The booth was so crowded! A very very good sign. I hope more people get educated about our lovely Singapore Specials. I wish HDB would let us have bigger dogs. Too many big dogs... I want a big dog!

Bulldog; Klee Kai; Schnauzer; Schnauzer (with heart shape fur cutout)
We didn't do much cycling. Must have been mad. Haha because of the crowd, we decided to head to Parkway Parade to buy GongCha. But Kar remembered wrongly, and GongCha's at the new I12 (or 112, whichever way you see it) Katong. Cycled there and got our GongCha fix, then back to East Coast Park!

Returned our bikes and went back to the Free Pet Shop to mingle around then headed to The Garden Slug for dinner!

Onion Rings; Carbonara; Salmon pasta; Mac and cheese.
As usual, we couldn't finish our food. Hahaha. =X
Lychee soda; Lemongrass; Strawberry soda
That green stick in the lemongrass drink is an actual stick of lemongrass! I though it was a straw at first hahahahaha.

The boys! (and a photobomb)
Had quite a lot of fun out with the BFFs and the 2 boys. Hope all the doggies get good homes!

Last but not least, my favorite picture I took today!!


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