Saturday, February 11, 2012


Cloudless sunrise
Don't know how to pen/write/type this down. But my aunt, AhZhen AhYi (Mum's youngest sis) passed away. Life's so short, so unfair.

CNY 2011
Our very huge family portrait. I think this had to be the only time we took pictures. That was last year though. She didn't want to take any this year. I should have insisted. 

My AhYis and Mum.
AhZhen AhYi's the second from the left. She's the youngest, 39 this year. She passed on 7th Feb, 9.05pm.. She was in the ICU for almost a day.

Been staying with Mum and my aunts and uncles at the wake the whole week. It's so heartbreaking because none of them could participate in the rites because according to some rules, only relatives younger than my aunt could, and all of them are older.

Mum with all her siblings. 
Love this picture. =) They were all so happy last year. I'm worried about my cousin, my aunt's only child. The thing is that my aunts and uncles all live near each other (Bukit Batok), while my family lives so far away. Kind of difficult to attend gatherings and all that because of the distance. *sigh* 

Driving from the sunset.
Loss. It's something so painful. Something you can never get back. Time will not turn back. So many regrets. 

View from their place
I pray that she's pain free now. She was a very very positive person. Read the notes she kept in her iphone as her diary. All hearts broke all over again. She was such a strong person.

Crystal taking a nap
Crystal spent every single day at the wake. She was really close to my aunt. I wonder if she knows, and how she feels.

AhYi, hope wherever you are now, it's a beautiful place.

AhYi with Crystal
AhYi... I miss you. 

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