Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Thumper

Dear Thumper,

If you were still around, you would've turned 4 today.

I miss you. 

Your little nose moving at the speed of light. Little feet hopping around the room. Little weird grunts you made when you were angry, but not really angry, because you never did bite anyone. 

How you would bob your head up and down when you're some place new to check out the surroundings. How you used to lick my nose. That small little tongue of yours. Those huge round eyes of yours that looked so big on that little head of yours. 

My fav picture of you.
How you would come running when I called you, or when you heard me shaking your bag of treats. I remember how amazingly easy it was to toilet train you. Actually, I don't think I ever had to 'teach' you. You simply did it yourself. You wouldn't even poop in the box that collected the loose hay that fell from your hay rack. Only in your litter box.

How you would stand to take your treats from my fingers
Your crazy soft fur that when shed, stuck to everything and wouldn't come off because it was too fine. Your dislike to having your nails trimmed. As much as Kismet didn't like you much, you still had space in your heart to be nice to her and always groom her. And being able to hold your own fort when Muffin and Snowball came along. And chewing on anything and everything in the room.

Bunny sniffles
Binkies only on my bed because you fell the first time you binkied on the marble floor (too slippery). I miss when you bow your head down for me to stroke. And jumping all over me while I slept. Your fast moving whiskers on my face. I miss everything about you. You're a very special little bunny.

First picture of us together, before he went to the vet to be neutered.
My dear boy, I hope you're okay, healthy and happy wherever you are now.

Happy 4th Birthday, Thumper.

Love you always,

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