Thursday, February 02, 2012

Dozer @K9Kafe

Dozer Dozer Dozer Dozer!

Doggie Menu: Beef Meatballs with veggies
Dozer couldn't wait to start on them! But they were piping hot from heating up in the microwave, so we wanted to let it cool a little first. But he still stole one from the table! =.= I don't think he burnt his tongue though.

Right before he took one.
I think he finished them in seconds flat. Hahaha. That boy sure does love his food.
Kiwi Smoothie; Beef Chilli Nachos; Egg Mayo Sandwich; Terriyaki Chicken
Ah... A nice meal for us 3 after a walk. Dozer is so full of antics. He's currently wearing a muzzle while interacting with other dogs to get him socialized properly with other dogs then slowly wean him off it like Apollo did in 3months! I can't wait till he's totally okay with all dogs. =D

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