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SIMPLE PLAN "Get Your Heart On! Tour"

P.S: This is one SUPER LONG ENTRY. But with pictures. Many pictures of the band!!! =D

We attended our first concert ever, together! Hahaha I know I know, a little old to have not attended any concerts, but we've never felt the overwhelming need to go see any (esp when they're all Korean artistes - no offence, just not our cup of tea).

Then came the announcement that Simple Plan was coming to Singapore!!! I had to go, but it wasn't within my budget. =( Eunice bought the ticket first, since it was free standing, and planned to go alone. Haha. THEN! Mum surprised me with a ticket for my birthday! That was like a week before the concert. WHEEE!!!

The concert was last Sunday. On Friday night, Eunice told me excitedly that she saw on Clicknetwork's Now You Know video that they were giving away 2 passes to a MEET AND GREET SESSION WITH THE BAND! Winners get to check out the band while they conduct their soundcheck, then the band will meet them PERSONALLY!! *faints* All we had to do was email them a 'Fun' photo of ourselves holding the Simple Plan concert tickets by 3pm on Saturday! Only a few hours to do so!!

I was very excited, but she told me that news at like 10-11pm, and I had no ideas. I couldn't exactly sleep, so I was throwing around ideas in my head till late while trying to sleep. How can you take a fun photo with a ticket?! I did the usual like trying putting the ticket on my head and looking retarded, but it didn't work. Right before I fell asleep, I thought about a damn good idea and whatsapped Eunice.

Woke up to her actually agreeing! But we had to rush because I had a tuition class and I rushed home after that. Probably reached home at about 1pm? So we had 2hours, or lesser. AHHHHH!

I know I know, tons of words, BUT I NEED TO EXPLAIN! Lolol. Anyway, the idea was a jumpshot! Since we're always doing it... But with props! We're going to a concert, so what better props than the guitar and mic from our Wii's Rock Band II set? I almost brought the drumset downstairs, but too many things to carry, so we didn't.

Some shots
There's this stage thing made from concrete at the void deck of my block, so we used it as our 'stage'. Then came the photo-taking. It was unnerving with so many irritating kids staring at us and asking "Are you going to put it on Youtube?". HELLO THESE ARE PHOTOS, NOT VIDEOS WE'RE TAKING. It was such a hot day (bright and sunny = awesome colors in the photos) and we were mad tired from the jumping and the kids, we just wanted to get it over and done with asap. Plus we had a deadline. So we quickly got it done and went back upstairs to the safety of my room to edit the pictures and get them submitted. 

I'm going to frame this up
We were hoping so so badly that we'd have won because we didn't think many people would've seen the video and wanted to join, because of the prerequisite that the contestant needed to pose with the ticket. Hahahaha. The odds. It was quite unnerving to wait. Eunice called me at like 3.30pm-4pm saying WE WON!!! WE WON WE WON WE WON!! Hahahaha WHEEE~~~ Anyway, the subsequent Now You Know video had our pictures in it, with PIERRE BOUVIER!! Major grateful for the chance to meet them!!

Then came THE DAY OF THE CONCERT! We were SO EXCITED. Sis fetched us there!! =D The weather was hot hot hot.

There was already a long long long queue when we got there (about 3.30pm). We were told the meet and greet was at 4pm, but we waited till almost 5pm. =/ The weather was really hot! Not a single cloud in the very very blue sky! The time for us to go in was here!!! About 20 (or more, I think - See pic below) of us had the meet and greet passes.

VIP wristtags; Autographed CD; SP guitar pick necklace; Crowd at the meet and greet
I wasn't sure about the 'no photography' rule, so I only brought my 35mm lens. Dammit. Should've brought the zoom! Quite a few pictures taken from Eunice's camera! That woman was so excited her hands were so shaky she couldn't take a sharp picture. My hands were shaking too, but not as badly. And when you use zoom, every little shake shows up very clearly.

We got to stand right in front and watch/hear them sing Perfect and Welcome to My Life! *love* I'd be very envious if I were the fans queuing for the concert outside.

Pierre Bouvier!
Hellooooo handsome. Why are you still so cute?! I think this hairstyle is so much better than when his hair was longer.

Chuck Comeau!
I like Chuck! Haha he's major adorable! Just look at that expression above! Too bad the drums were too far away to take more pictures. =D And even though the weather was hot, I loved it. Because there was enough light for the photos!

Jeff Stinco!
Jeff's super cool. He's the lead guitarist. But he was standing at the end of the stage furthest away from us, so I didn't get many pictures of him. Just that closeup when he was below stage at the meet and greet =D

Sébastien Lefebvre and David Desrosiers (wearing the hat).
Sebastien and David! Too many blur pictures to form a proper collage =X Sebastien's the one without the hat. He's so hyper, always jumping all over the stage. Major cutie. David's more... suggestive? Hahaha. He asked if anyone wanted to be his girlfriend during the concert. The crowd went wild.

Oh and see the black and white tabs on the mike stand? Eunice and I were guessing what they were. Found out during the concert that they were guitar picks! Totally didn't see that. They threw the picks to the crowd! As you can see, David uses more picks than Sebastien. Lol.

They came off the stage to meet us after singing/doing sound check! *swoons* Got to take pictures with them (but not as a group because there were other people around), and got them to sign our cd! =D Too bad my phone's black. Would be so cool to autograph on the phone itself.

Clockwise from top left: Pierre; Chuck; Sebastien; Jeff; David
Clockwise from top left: Chuck; Pierre; David; Jeff; Sebastien
Oh and they spoke French to each other mostly I suppose? Because they were speaking in French before we went up for the meet and greet. Haha. Everyone could hear them but not understand what they were saying. Ahhh.. French..

We didn't really talk to them much other than the photo-taking + autograph thing because we were too shy and there was this group of kids who kept talking to them as though they know them very well (but we overheard them talking and they were at the airport to welcome them, that's all), 2 girls who spoke French (advantage? Haha), and a very giggly group of girls who kept pushing amongst others. So yeah..

The Meet and Greet ended at about 6.15pm? Went down to the queue to discover it got even longer. A separate queue formed at the entrance booth, which we though was the vip ticket holders or something but it was for the last min people who wanted to purchase tickets.

We wanted to go grab some food, but didn't know when we could enter the venue (concert starts at 8pm), so we didn't. Hung around and saw some of the fans from the meet and greet at the entrance booth and found out we could cut the queue and go in first! Yay! So... dinner was skipped. Hahaha.

View from the VIP area; Picnic mat; Local band doing the opening of the concert; Area before it was filled to the brim.
Actually, we stood right in front of the stage like during the meet and greet, but after people started coming in and pushing us against the barrier, we couldn't take it anymore and went to the side where there was a raised platform for VIPs. Hahaha Love being so privileged. First concert and lucky us had special treatment. Granted, standing right in front of the stage would've given us a better view, but with the crazy number of people pushing from behind, I don't think we'd actually last the whole night. I'd probably suffocate. =X

We bought a disposable tablecloth thing to use as a picnic mat to sit down and wait before the concert started. What irritated us was that there was this stone thing right in front of the platform, and when the concert started, people started going onto it and blocked ALL of our views on the platform. Seriously? What kind of manners do you have? None, apparently. 2 girls on that stone kept doing duck faces with their backs towards the stage and taking self-shots of themselves with Simple Plan performing behind. =.= I don't even... Anyway, on to happier things.

The sound system was goooood. Their live singing was AMAZING!! I loved all the songs they performed! I realised quite a number of songs are of girls leaving/betraying the guy. Hahaha. Does this mean that it happens quite often to them because that's where they get their inspiration from? =X

  • Shut Up
  • Can't Keep My Hands Off You
  • Jump (Snippet of the song "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas in the middle)
  • When I'm Gone
  • Addicted
  • My Alien
  • You Suck At Love
  • Thank You
  • Your Love Is A Lie
  • Astronaut
  • Summer Paradise
  • Medley Covers: Fuck You by Cee-Lo Green / Dynamite by Taio Cruz / Raise Your Glass by Pink
  • Jet Lag
  • This Song Saved My Life
  • Welcome To My Life
  • I'd Do Anything
  • Loser Of The Year
  • I'm Just A Kid
Encore 2:
  • Perfect
My favorite songs from the list has got to be... I can't decide. I LOVE ALL OF THEM. If I had to pick 2, it'll be Jump and This Song Saved My Life. And the Medley. And Shut Up. And Can't Keep My Hands Off You. And My Alien. And Astronaut. And Summer Paradise. And Jet Lag. DAMMIT I can't choose!!!

Jump is very very hyper. Everyone was jumping! I loved the atmosphere. And I almost cried (I think I did, not sure), when they were singing This Song Saved My Life. EVERYONE was singing along. It was amazing. That song is amazing.

Pictures during the concert.
We wish it didn't have to end. Who would want it to end, right? Haha. I loved every second of it. It's like a dream come true, man. I don't think we'll have this kind of luck in future anymore. Hahaha Quite sure we used up all our luck here.

The concert ended at about 10pm. =( Walked back to Plaza Singapura in search of food and a cab home. Had Burger King. I was so hungry I ordered a ton of food. =.= We sat down and continued being in awe of what happened that night. AMAZING NIGHT. =D

Okay to end this extremely long blog entry, some more pictures of Pierre:


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