Friday, January 06, 2012

Seafood Birthday Dinner + Chinatown Walkabout

CNY = Vibrant colors
Celebrated my birthday with Kar and Eueu by going for a seafood dinner! First time ordering tze char on our own. Crabs!!!

Salted egg crabs; Black pepper crabs; Cereal prawns; Sambal Kangkong
2 crabs a dish for the salted egg and black pepper crabs! They were different from the ones I usually eat, but very nice too!! Love eating the cereal in cereal prawns and the kangkong was very yummy. Total came up to less than $20/pax?

Headed to Bukit Merah Central to get some GongCha, but the ran out of pearls. The Red Plum tea thing I had was.... gross. Lol. Kar and I are aiming to try ALL the items on the menu. We were lamenting that we didn't exactly have a nightlife and there was nowhere to go at night/didn't know where to go when someone suggested Chinatown! Yay!

Drove to Chinatown and parked at Maxwell Food Centre. Only had to wait a little while before we got a lot! *happy*

So much redddd!
There were quite a few stalls selling chopsticks (in thing this year?), and I think we got our for quite a good deal. $1/pair, buy 10pairs get 1pair free. After we went further, I saw some selling for $1.50/pair. Hahaha. #cheapo. I bought 8 pairs of chopsticks that had 陈(Chen/Tan) on them! Just in time for CNY steamboat.

Uncle demonstrating some magic cream
We actually stood in front of this Uncle and watched him introduce some cream thing that can remove all stains!! I was so impressed when he used it to clean a mirror and it didn't fog up/leave water streaks anymore. Ahhhhh. Should've bought. Lol.

Food for CNY
I bought some dried Persimmons (Grandpa's favorite)! And I got it cheaper than other stalls we saw afterwards. LOL. I'm turning into an auntie.

Dried Persimmons
Eueu had no idea what I bought (or what it originally looked like), so here's a picture I found from Googling: 

Fresh Persimmons

Sky Lanterns!

Anyone has any idea where we can set this off? They were selling this at 3 for $10, but we didn't buy any because we didn't know where we could release them. Ahhhhh. I want!!! 

Thank you both for celebrating my birthday with me!! *love*

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