Sunday, January 29, 2012

River Hongbao/春到河畔

River Hongbao!
We managed to make it to the River Hongbao on the last day! I actually thought that it ends on the 15th day of the lunar calendar (it used to be). He was very nice and brought me there! Hiakhiakhiak.

Anyway, didn't take many pictures because there weren't many photo opportunities, plus I was too busy stuffing my face with food and trying not to melt in the sweltering heat. Didn't go on any of the rides though. Haha. Overpriced.

Only one girl in the ride!
We had some Taiwanese jelly drink, 龙须糖 (dragon beard candy?), 糖葱薄饼 (erm sugar sticks wrapped in popiah skin?), bacon wrapped sausage (the ones at k9kafe are better) and grilled squid. Sadly, no photos of the food. So much fun stuffing them into my face. LOL. *sugarhigh* I love dragon beard candy!! Let me know where to get them on a usual day!!

There wasn't really much other than food actually. Last time, it used to be along the Singapore River near the Esplanade (the other side, not towards the floating platform). It used to be more cramped, but that was the fun of it! It felt more crowded. Haha. And there were more things for sale previously. Now, not much. The dragons display was not too bad, but done in 10mins, max. There wasn't much to see. But I'd love to go again, just for the food. =D

Went to have dinner at Sushi Express at Citylink afterwards. Aburi salmon belly is LOVE!

*happy belly*

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