Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reunion Dinner @ Hua Yu Wee

First Yu Sheng this CNY
We did something different this year. We had reunion dinner at a restaurant! And boy, did we eat. From all the eating I did tonight, I predict I'm going to gain so much weight I won't be able to wear my dress on CNY Day 1. =D

But my belly is happy!! Tons of food, so don't read when you're hungry.

10 course meal in total, not including the buns for the chilli crabs. D: So much! Lucky I wasn't at Grandparents' table. I wouldn't have been able to snap pictures of all the food if so. Hahaha. But this problem was, I don't have pictures of my family!! Hahaha. No one was up for phototaking from all that eating.

Roast pig
盆菜, pen cai. 
Okay I don't know how to explain this dish as it's my first time eating it, but according to the internet, it's a variety of ingredients served in a basin ('pen' means basin anyway).

My portion!!
It's a very interesting dish, but it felt so expensive! The ingredients were all pretty top notch stuff. Abalone (one each!! First time eating a whole one myself hahaha), sea cucumber, prawns, broccoli, fa cai (the black stuff that looks like hair, is in fact some kind of hard to get veggie?), mushrooms, radish, etc etc. Such a huge pot. Heard that you need to order this beforehand because they need a few hours to prepare it. Scary stuff.

Roast chicken. 
The dish I dislike most. I don't get why we always order chicken when Grandpa doesn't eat chicken. And we always don't finish it. Too much too much!

Fried butter lobsters.
This, this I LOVE. Sorry, but I love lobsters and I cannot lie. Usually we have a dish of lobster salad and some fried lobster on a main dish, but this, we had half a lobster each. Some prefer the lobster salad though.

All mine!!

Hurhurhurhurhurhur. Sooooo goooood. *licks fingers*

Tauhu goreng!
I like this too! Especially the chilli that goes with it. Very very tasty and appetizing.

Fried fish?
Hahahaha. I'm very lousy with fish. All I know is that this fish was super fresh and very awesome. I don't fancy fish a ton, but I ate quite a bit of this. =D

Steamed crabs w egg
The thing about this steamed crabs is that the layer under the crabs that looks like water, is in fact, egg or more like egg white. The crabs are steamed with the egg white! Very  tasty. The crabs are always so fresh here. Mum adores this dish.

Chilli Crabs!
I looooove this! But it was a little tooooo spicy. But I still ate it, because there were my favorite buns!

Deep fried and steamed buns
The deep fried ones are so much nicer to dip into the gravy. Crispy skin and soft bun inside. Yummmmyyyy.

Red bean soup with dumplings.
First time trying this red bean soup, and I liked it! Not bad at all.

If you're interested:

Hua Yu Wee 华友园
Address: 462 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6442 9313

I probably gained like 3kg from this dinner alone. Goodbye diet. Hahahaha. And CNY is not even here yet!!

Sis and I. Blue outfits for the night!
Both dresses from ASOS! =D 

Happy Chinese New Year!

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