Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reunion Dinner @ Home

Tan Family Chopsticks!
Found these surname chopsticks at Chinatown and bought them! Perfect for reunion dinner! Just not very sure if it's safe for use in the steamboat, but they survived! =D

Our mini reunion dinner at home on the day before CNY. Did you know that usually the lunar calendar has 30days in a month, but this 12th month of the lunar calendar only has 29 days? Cool.

Had fun sitting around the steamboat, with my Grandparents, Parents, siblings and auntie. Eating till we almost burst. Bad idea when I have to fit into my dress tomorrow. Hahaha.

My cats dressed up for the occasion too!

I'd probably have to buy a larger size for them next year. Hahaha.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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