Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mad About Pink Grapefruit

My Pink Grapefruit 'collection' from The Body Shop
I'm more than a little mad about the pink grapefruit smell. I love it. Like seriously LOVE it. If they have an actual fragrance for that, I WANT TO BUY IT. Really. I almost bought a pink grapefruit essential oil but I didn't have enough cash. Damn. I'm so going back to get it soon.

I love slathering on the body lotion (the latest buy) and sniffing my skin like a crazy person afterwards. Hahahaha. Or opening the shower gel bottle and sniffing it like an addict. ._. Why does The Body Shop have more pink grapefruit scented stuff? They don't have pink grapefruit in their home fragrances range =( Oooooo they have lip butter! But I'm not interested in the body scrub and the body butter smells weird. Guess I'll just have to buy the essential oil and make my room smell like pink grapefruit all day!

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