Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I think I 'killed' my hair

Last week, I blogged about perming my hair here. So apparently, Japanese perm is supposedly 'softer' and less damaging to your hair. But! My hair is an asshole. Because the hair nearer the nape of my neck had to be permed a second time when I did it last week with a smaller roller to get the same consistency all around (it didn't curl, to say the least). Then after a few days. I realized, not only was the hair near the nape of my neck harder to curl, so was the hair on the right side of my head. WHAT?! (okay it might sound confusing and all, but I'm trying to write this down for memory's sake so I won't make the same mistake the next time)
Before/After Japanese Perm
Me being me, I called my hair stylist up and told her about my hair. She told me to come in today and get it fixed. =D So I went it, and re-permed my hair. Digital perm this time. I think she layered the ends of my hair further too. Since digital perm is quite bad for hair... I think I 'killed' my hair. My hair is already kind of mad-ish. Very dry/frizzy. BUT! I love my curls even more now!!! They look less like waves and more like curls now. =D Though I'd need to slather on more cream and do treatments more often...

Before (Japanese Perm); After (digital perm)
Hehehehe. Bye straight hair! Can't wait for my curls to 'settle down'. You'd know what I mean if you've permed your hair before. The initial stage is always the curliest. I like it the most when it's been at least 3months after perming, where the curls like looser and your hair has grown longer.

Will I ever have hair that reaches my waist? =S

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