Monday, January 02, 2012

Huskies Outing!

Dozer! How can you resist this face? =D
Mel invited us along to a Huskies Outing she organised! A grand total of 11 huskies. MADNESS.
Huskies (my experience after meeting/observing so many of them over the years) are generally dominant. They require a very firm and stern owner. And they don't really mix well with other dogs because they're a little too overprotective and territorial.

So... not a good idea to have so many gathered, but all the owners are experienced. Huskies were well-controlled. Well... most of them were well-controlled. =P

Major sniffing routine
The head-on stare/challenge
Dozer looking silly
Oh and there was this lady who was kicking up a fuss about dogs going into the water. FYI, dogs ARE ALLOWED into the sea. It is a PUBLIC PLACE. She threatened to call the police and was seen on the phone, but none came. I suppose they ignored her. If dogs are no longer allowed in the sea/parks. WHERE SHOULD DOGS GO?! ARE YOU MAD?! The number of places dogs CAN GO in Singapore is already SO LIMITED. Why are you being such a bitch? Overseas, dogs are even allowed in shopping centres and supermarkets. I would love to bring mine (when I have one) shopping with me, but as it is, we're in Singapore. Not happening anytime soon. I'm cherishing the limited number of restaurants dogs are allowed at (though more are popping up).

There was Dozer, Braven, Apollo, Sergeant, Choco, DomDom, Richie, DJ, Hugo, Sassy, BoyBoy. As for who's who... That's a good question.

This is Richie with his daddy!
Totally in love with Richie. Hahaha he looks like a total teddy bear! His paws are so much bigger and fluffier than the other huskies. His head is also a little broader, like a little mix of Malamute in him.

We then embarked on one of the toughest things to do. Take a group photo.

Preparing to take a photo...
Trying to get everyone in place is a pain. We have to see which husky can get along with which then arrange accordingly. Then, it was to get all the huskies (and humans) to look at my general direction. =.= When taking pictures with your pets, humans should all just stare at the camera and smile. Not wave your hands trying to get your pet to look at the camera. When you do that and your pet looks at the camera, YOU look funny. Not kidding.

This is the best out of maybe 20 tries.
Dozer: "I had fun today!"
I had fun today trying to photograph all the huskies. And Dozer doesn't look like a pure Husky when he's with the real 'pures'. Hahaha. Don't worry Dozer, we still love you all the same. 

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