Friday, January 20, 2012

HTC Rhyme and Sparkly Nails!

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My Starhub phone plan for the Blackberry Bold 9000 that I got 2 years ago has ended! So it was time to change my phone (also because the BB is a little wonky). The thing about phone plans in Singapore is that it's best to take advantage of the chance to recontract your phone line once the 2 years (or 21months) are up, so you can get a brand new phone at a lower price (depending on your phone plan) even though your current phone is still working fine. 

I wanted to get my BB plan cancelled because it was too expensive and I don't know many people who use a BB, thus BBM is almost useless. Haha. I wanted something simple and preferably running on Andriod. Kar told me about the HTC Rhyme and I was sold. It's so much a girly phone! And the color!! The specs doesn't totally matter because I'm still using the iPhone.. 
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The Rhyme comes with a speaker dock that you can leave your phone in to charge without messy wires around the place! Just pop the phone into the dock and it charges! And it has this charm that you plug into the 3.5mm earphone jack, hook it with the charm dangling outside your bag, dump the phone inside your bag. The charm will light up when you have an incoming call/text! Oh and tangle free earphones. 

I'm still trying to familiarise myself with the whole new Android interface. I got my plan changed from the 3G Power Value 300 ($48.15/month) + Blackberry Premium for Individual ($14/month) to the 3G SmartSurf 100 ($38/month). That's a drop of almost $25! The HTC Rhyme cost $98 with the SmartSurf 100 plan, but with the $100 recontract voucher from Starhub, the phone was FREE! *happy* Actually waiting helped because last week, with the same plan, the phone was $168. Haha. I think the price is still going to drop, because they're clearing stock for this model. Can't find it in most Starhub shops, had to go to the main outlet at Plaza Singapura. 

My nails!
Did an express mani+pedi today amidst the mad rush in preparation for CNY. Pink with glitter tips! First time getting glitter tips done. They're so pretty! Toenails in a shade darker with glitter tips too! 

I miss getting my nails done almost every week. Oh how prices have gone up for express mani. 

Happy CNY in advance! 

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