Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

On the actual day of my birthday! I had so many plans but they were all ruined by the wet weather. T_T The heavens are against me. Haha.

Sis gave us a lift to town and dropped us off at Paragon. Went to get 2 macarons from Canele, then walked to Heeren to meet some of his friends before the Change of Guards thing started. Walked(!!) to The Istana and bought some fishballs on the way there. Haha.

Watched the Change of Guards ceremony, then went to Plaza Singapura to stroll, before taking a bus(!!) to East Coast! Been so long since we took a long journey bus. Haha. Walked(!!) from the bus stop to The Garden Slug for dinner! Lucky the weather was cooling. =D And I was in heels! Love the comfy Everbest heels.

Braised Carrot Chowder; Mushroom Munchkins; Pasta in Old-Fashioned Cream Sauce with Oodles of Smoked Salmon; Chunky Asian Seafood Broth with Pasta
The names of the food are so long!!

The Braised Carrot Chowder was from their weekly specials, and it was surprisingly good! There was the option of a cup or bowl size (small/med?). We took the cup, and the serving was quite large already for the both of us! Love the bread that came with the soup. I think they said it was Panini bread?

We have the mushrooms almost everytime go (wait, I think all the time?). They taste so good! Love them. I love my Smoked Salmon Pasta too!!! I've had that thrice? Or more. I can't exactly remember. The serving is too big for me to finish though I always try. I love the medley of veggies in it! I don't usually eat tomatoes (other than ketchup), but this grilled cherry tomatoes thing, is da bomb. And yes, oodles of smoked salmon! His Seafood Broth tasted like tom yam? There was definitely lemongrass in it. With tons of ingredients! Yummy!

Nutella Banana Mush
"Warm banana topped with Nutella, Vanilla Gelato and almonds" VERY YUMMY! But very heaty too, based on the amount of Nutella on that. The gelato wasn't very very nice, but not too bad. There were sunflower seeds with the almonds too! I love the mix of bananas and nutella. Hahaha How can anyone NOT like that? =D But it's meant to be shared. Especially after eating so much. And you'll probably end up with chocolate at the sides of your mouth. Hahaha. Sticky business.

Walked(!!) out to the main road (different from the one we alighted from) following the GPS on the iPhone. Took a bus home together! I think most of the day was spent travelling on the road. The weather was perfect after we left the house, so walking wasn't exactly a problem. =D

Sis bought me a birthday cake! Strawberry Shortcake from Four Leaves. We had the same one for Mum's birthday, and everyone liked it! A change from having mango cake all the time. Hahahaha =D
Happy Birthday to ME!
Turning old this year didn't feel as bad as I thought it would be. =D

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