Friday, January 06, 2012

Dozer boy!

Time to visit Dozer again! And to eat food from the Kafe (muahahaha).

Lazy afternoons should be spent indoors, out from harmful UV rays. I still have this stupid uneven tan on my arms because I wear a tshirt out on most days. My shoulders are so white but the bottom half of my arms are so dark. Please shoot me.

Kiwi and Orange Smoothie
Fresh fruit juice! Real fruit bits and the orange was sweet! Major loveeee.

Caramelised Bacon wrapped Sausages.
Impossible to resist. TOO GOOD.

Even Dozer wants some.
And.... he got some. =))

Beef Chilli with Nachos
I liked this! Actually, I like kidney beans. When cooked till soft, they're very tasty! The chili wasn't too spicy, the cheese was just right, but the nachos was salty. Hahaha. I prefer them plain since the chili and cheese are salty already.

Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream for dogs!
Ice cream for dogs! I think it's 4 pcs for $1.50? The pieces are pretty small though. But I'm sure they use good quality stuff. I was expecting more of the scoop-type more than ice-cubes type though. Haha. But Dozer loved it, so it doesn't matter.

Gone in seconds
Annnnnd! The wonders of self-timer on the camera. My fav shot, everrrr! 


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