Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dinner with the ladies!

Kar, Eu
Me, Shan
 We met up for dinner at Chicken HotPot at nex! Love these awesome ladies. Haha No matter when/where we gather, we will always have shit to talk about.

Guess whose!
Shan, Mine, Eueu, Kar
Prawns Pot
The prawns pot has fries underneath the prawns in soup. Very interesting way of eating. So far, of the 3 times I've been to this place (there're other outlets), I've only had the prawns and beef pot. Never did try the chicken one.
Beef Pot
The beef pot is like a stew sort, with very thick soup. The thing about this place that makes it special is that you can ask for a topup of the soup, and they have a fridge full of side dishes you can add into the pot to cook it like a steamboat. But the side dishes are very expensive given the quantity.

Hehe. I had so much fun talking to them. Time seemed to pass so fast when we're chatting about anything and everything.

Oh and I bought cat shampoo. Hahaha. Bath-time tomorrow for the kittehs!

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