Sunday, January 01, 2012

Countdown to 2012!

Kar, Eu, Ling

So here's how I spent the last day of 2011:
- Attended Siti's engagement party
- Went to Amk to get dinner and GongCha with Kar and Eu
- Parked at Lor Halus Wetlands Park
- Walked to Punggol Riverside Park
- Ate in the dark 
- Took photos!
- Watched fireworks!!

The moon that night
Our 'camp'
Hahaha we didn't even realised that the place was so.... moist. Everything was wet when we were about to leave. The weather was very cooling. Which explained the major condensation.

A bicycle went past.

Let's try it again!

Haha. This actually took a ton of shots to get.

The spotlight through a foggy lens




*jump jump*

This was candid. Haha

We didn't match our clothes colors on purpose. Hee


Then it came to the time we were counting down... We didn't exactly know where the fireworks would be at, so we sat pretty far away from the restaurants area. Turns out, the fireworks were right next to that area.

So far away!
I was running with my tripod to get nearer after each shot. Hahaha. I felt so retarded.

Best shot of the fireworks. 
The picture above is not bad, but the fireworks lasted for only about 5mins? But not too bad for a residential area, I must say. And it wasn't crowded. Plus, there was no traffic jam. AND! I could find a place to park (although far). 

I had tons of fun that night. Hehe. Though tiring from all the crazy walking while carrying all our barang barang. Chatting with them always rocks! 

Friends forever! 
Happy 2012! May this year be better than the last!

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