Saturday, December 17, 2011

Walk-a-Paw 2011

Diya (fav picture!)

Gentle Paws held their first Walk-a-Paw event today! People who signed up brought his/her assigned dog (from Gentle Paws) and walked a 1.6km route to an end point at Lor Halus' Wetlands Park. 
Instead of the usual dog walk where you bring your own dog, this event lets participants walk dogs from Gentle Paws. All proceeds from the event goes to the dogs (food/upkeep).

White shirts: Participants
Orange shirts: Volunteers for the event

Kudos to everyone for waking up at an ungodly hour in the morning so we could reach before the participants to clean up the shelter and do a briefing. 

Waiting for instructions
WeiFeng and WanYing were the ones in-charge of the event. Good job girls!

Nana playing with the loud hailer
Feng bought this loud hailer thing from Daiso, and it's actually pretty effective when you need to speak loudly. Haha. Just happened that we kept playing with it.

Sebas with 2 cameras @.@
I wasn't feeling well, so I had a little trouble coping with the running around to snap pictures. Bleh. Worst time to fall ill.

All leashed and ready to roll!
Not all dogs can mingle with each other, so the participants went out in batches.

Feng, the busy bee

Busy setting off and taking pictures!

Small flea stall to sell stuff

At the water point

Walk walk walk!

Rounding up from the back

At Lor Halus


Nana selling badges

Drink water!

Overall, the event went quite smoothly. I just didn't like the fact that the participants (who paid to participate) were asked if they would like to buy this and buy that. I'd be quite pissed off if I were them, even though it's in the interest of the dogs. Heh. But that's just my opinion.

As long as both dogs and humans have fun, why not, right? Hmm. 

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