Sunday, December 25, 2011

Unconventional Christmas Eve

Tom Yam Steamboat
This year, surprisingly, I wasn't at home for the countdown! Haha. Yesterday, we (foodie gang) all gathered at Long and Feng's place for steamboat!
An odd thing to do for Christmas, but what other choices do we have for such cold weather? Heh.

Goodie Bags!
I made goodie bags for everyone because we didn't have to buy gifts for each individual person, but I still felt a little odd if I didn't give them something for Christmas, so.. voila! Old school stuff in the bag like the Capri-Sonne drink above. I couldn't eat anything in the bags because of my throat. =(

Tons of good stuff for the steamboat!

His mum made green curry for us too!! Very very yummy! Everyone said the same too! =D

I think we had too much food...
Kind of wasted food because we had a ton leftover, and had to throw them away.. Managed to stuff my face, even with the coughing/sore throat though. =X


Awfully Chocolate's Chocolate cake!
Merry Christmas everyone!! (another steamboat with the girls tonight!)

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