Saturday, December 31, 2011

Siti's Engagement!

Siti got officially engaged!!!
Like traditional malay engagement kind of thing. We only reached after the whole ceremony has ended (cos we don't know the tradition, so didn't want to intrude).

All the goodies!
We tried taking some group shots using the remote for my cam, but it flat-out refused to focus when I'M IN THE FRAME. I was so pissed off. Serious.
Look what my camera took instead. Bloody hell.

Look what it took when I walked away. 
My camera really hates me. =(

Finally, but I'm not exactly in the frames and some were still unfocused. 
Hahaha The best of the lot has still got to be the first picture at the start of this post.

CONGRATULATIONS SITI!! You're the first of our group to get engaged!

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