Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gift Exchange!!!

Had a little gift exchange with the awesome bunch from Gentle Paws after the Walk-A-Paw event ended today. Haha we were such an eye-catching bunch in bright orange. 
The event itself went very well! Thank God for the awesome weather. =D Will try to remember to blog about that soon.

Anyway we had to draw lots for the Secret Santa last weekend after the flea, and everyone had a budget of $20 (or more) to buy a gift for the recipient. Nerve-wrecking, to say the least.

From top left: Edwin, Randy, Weifeng, Cindy, Me, Chin Leong, Nana (Andrew's gift), Edwin (Ann's gift), Me (JieHao's gift)
 Some of us couldn't join for the actual gift exchanging, like JieHao (work), Andrew (sick), Ann (not in SG), WanYing (busy), YouMing (busy).

 I got a gag gift of 3 cans of cat food..... The real gift was a Minnie Mouse cushion. Haha. Idiottsssssss.

Secret Santa > Recipient
Me > Weifeng
Weifeng > JieHao
JieHao > Edwin
Edwin > YouMing
YouMing > Randy
Randy > Andrew
Andrew > Ann
Ann > Cindy
Cindy > ChinLeong
ChinLeong > Me
Nana > WanYing
WanYing > Nana

Haha Wy and Nana exchanged among themselves lor. Everyone's awesome. Thought was put into every gift. Major love this bunch of friends! <3

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. so funny! i m laughing as i read the entry lol!