Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dozer @ K9Kafe

Pearl of the Orient tea
Went to visit Dozer again today! I love it there because I get to eat!!! Haha. I love the food there, have you realised that yet? Had a cup of tea while he brought Dozer out for a walk.

They were back before I even finished half my cup of tea. =.= They ran instead of walking around the area.

Handsome boy
Are you ordering food for me too?
Kiwi Smoothie
Their fruit smoothies are delicious! It's not made from syrup and you can actually eat bits of kiwi fruit in it! I'm impressed.

Where's my food?!
Shepherd's Pie for Dozer
Shepherd's Pie for Dozer
The Shepherd's Pie was pretty good (judging from the speed Dozer wolfed it down even though it was piping hot). It came with a side of baked sweet potatoes. Smelled really good too.

Look at his face.
Fish and Chips
I like this! The fish tasted pretty good. The batter was just nice too. (I can't be a food blogger. Everything's nice).
Caramelised bacon wrapped sausages
THIS. THIS IS THE BOMB. IT'S SO SO GOOD. MUST TRY if you ever go there.

Dozer eyeing the sausages.
 Dozer ended up eating 2 out of the 6pcs of sausages. =/ He loves it too.

We just lazed around with him running around the kafe. All too soon, it was time to leave. =( Dozer is a joy to have around but I guess he has to be the only dog. Haha. Too protective.

I have to go in? 

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