Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming! We're nearing the end of the year soon. Woke up a little too early today and decided to snap pictures of the girls in the tree as per last year. Here and here. I was still hoping to take a group photo of all 4 of them this year but Thumper's not around anymore, so it's never going to happen. Thierry wasn't cooperative and didn't even want to go near the tree while the girls were there, so it was just them.

Picked out my 4 favorite pictures from the lot and here they are!

After switching the lights on
 We bought new lights this year! We finally have a 'theme' of some sort. Instead of throwing everything we've been collecting these 3 years, we bought new blue lights and silver tinsel and ornaments!

When I was done, my right wrist was aching and my left eye was blurry. This happens when you only use your right hand to hold the camera instead of both hands (because a toy was in my left hand) and squinting into the eyepiece with your right eye (left eye squeezed shut). Haha.

It's actually quite tough trying to get their attention because they move very fast when excited. Doing this in broad daylight with the living room light all switched on + using a flash bouncer + turning on the Christmas tree lights didn't help much in terms of shutter speed. I should probably think about getting an external flash this time. 

 Next up, I should grab Thierry and make him do this tomorrow, with the girls locked away in my room so they won't distract him.

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