Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at Kar's

Steamboat! (Tomyam again!)
Christmas this year was spent at Kar's. Steamboat again!

Went to Gentle Paws before going to Kar's place, so didn't managed to go shopping for food with Kar and Eu. They bought tons though!

3 kinds of pork; Cabbage + Tofu; Sausage + crabstick; Mushrooms + watercress; Kar's homemade bachor
This amount of food was more than enough for us 3 girls! Haha. Kar's bachor was very yummy, and from what I heard, she just added whatever she could find. Lololol. Cool


Then we decided to go mad with photo-taking.


Weird hair-tossing
Super funny!! Omg LOL.

Up Down Left Right?

Normal pictures =D
Kar showed us an app she had which could make .gif files, so we gave it a go! Results were hilarious

Hahahahaha. The above are the ones she sent me. Each of us have our own .gif of retarded-ness. HAHAHA


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