Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Macarons Attempt #2

Ermmm.... My macarons?
So... I've tried making macarons, again. Spur of the moment thing. BUT! It failed, again, for the second time. =(

As much as I did follow the recipe.......... I didn't exactly age the egg whites... So it might be that, or it could be that I didn't beat the egg whites enough? Or the oven was a little too hot? I set it at 150oC, but once I put the tray in, the temperature went up to 155oC, or slightly more. =.= There's something wrong with the oven. Or it might be the piping. I realised afterwards that I shouldn't pipe one circle, but instead pipe the macaron in one spot (ie don't move the tip).

The taste was good (it's rose macarons, afterall), but there were faults.

  • No legs (the bubbly edge around the macaron)
  • A little burnt (you can see a little brown near the bottom of each piece)
  • Air pockets under the shell (don't know what to do with this)
  • Cracked shell (oven too hot?)
  • Almond bits not fine enough (probably need to process it more. The one bought from store isn't fine enough)
  • Too sweet (what should I do about this? The whole thing's made of sugar and egg whites =.=)

Makes a pretty picture with the colors!
Rose Macaron from Canele
Anyway, the above picture is my ideal macaron, and also my favorite from Canele! Passed by the other day and bought one to eat while walking. $2.50!!! It's so expensive but so so so good. Ahhh. As much as the one I made did taste similar, the texture still has much to be improved.

Try and try again!!!

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