Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid Autumn with WomanS

Like every year, we celebrate Mid-autumn together! This year's a little different. We came prepared with more than just candles and sparklers! =D

Angry Birds lanterns!
The lanterns even played musiccccc! LOL. Epic. Can you spot the black bird? It doesn't even light up because it's black. *stares at Eueu*

Bought the portable/disposable BBQ pit. This BBQ is epic-ly cheap. $30 for everything! Pit, golden mushrooms, button mushrooms, hotdogs. Hahahahaha. Should have bought more golden mushrooms and hotdogs though. =/

I'm a 'butterfly'.
Brought Echo and Nugget along to the park for some fun. Lol. I lugged so many things it wasn't even funny. Camera, tripod, lanterns, bbq stuff. =.= Lucky I drove or I'd have died trying to get there.

Okay time for some picture spam! Plus, find the doggies in all the pictures! They're photobombers.

I love all you WomanS. =D

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