Monday, October 31, 2011

Hong Kong Day 4/4 (200911)

Langham Place
Last day in Hong Kong!
Checked out of the hotel in the morning, left our luggage at the hotel, then off we went!

Took the shuttle bus to Langham Place to look around and see what's the hype about H&M. Erm. We only bought some bracelets. Nothing caught our eye. Lol. And we actually walked up 6 storeys (the inside is circular/sloping) because of the horoscope thing. Hahaha But we managed to find all 3 of ours, so all's good.

Went on the hunt for KFC (it's so difficult to find any fastfood other than McDonald's in HongKong) because of some stupid advert we kept seeing on TV. Turns out, the mushroom rice kinda sucked. Actually, the rice sucked. The mushrooms were good.

Speaking of TV, we saw some Chinese period drama from Day 1, and kind of got hooked onto it and after we came back, searched for it and watched it! Like seriously, all 3 of us getting hooked onto a period drama? Quite impossible, but this is really good! Bu Bu Jing Xin. Go look for it and watch it if you can.

Okay back to HongKong. Went to Fa Yuen Street to look at sports stuff and stroll around on our last day! Had lunch at Genki Sushi!

Genki Sushi
I cannot express how much I love torched salmon! Absolutely love it. Went back to Langham place to take the shuttle bus back to the hotel to wait for the airport shuttle bus to come pick us up! We were early, so we went across the road to get some egg tarts! Okay maybe just Eu went to get egg tarts hahaha we just ate hers. =X

Egg tarts; Hang Huing Lao Po Bing and egg rolls
Collected our Lo Po Bing and egg rolls! Thinking back, I think we paid quite a bit more than the street price, but saved us the trouble of looking for the outlet (didn't see any throughout the 4 days). Maybe we'll buy them ourselves next time instead. And not buy so many.

Reached the airport, checked in, and found out our flight was delayed. Zzz. Delayed for nearly an hour (or was it more?).

Flight home
I loved this trip! Didn't actually buy much (budget constraints heh), but not a big deal. Hahaha I love Hong Kong! The only time we willingly walk this much is only when we're overseas. Plus, the weather's better (cooling) than Sg, so it's more pleasant to walk. =D

Travelling with my 2 bestest friends made it so so so much fun. Hurhurhur. Let's go again! =D

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