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Hong Kong Day 3/4 (190911)

Our entrance tickets!!!
Monday was "Disneyland Day"!!! There're tons of photos in this post so..... go ahead and click!!!

Woke up bright and early for our pre-arranged bus ride to Disneyland! While waiting for the bus, we went across the road to the bakery to get some bread for breakfast.

Aaaaannnndddd, off we went! I don't really know what to write other than the fact that we had tons of fun, so more pictures, less words!

At the entrance!; Wearing Mario/Luigi caps in the bus

Mickey on surfboard before the entrance!

Hong Kong Disneyland's 5th Anniversary!
The weather was hot and humid, but the sky was grey. All the pictures that had the sky in it all looked kinda weird because it's like a white sheet. Very bright white sheet.

Eh. I was a little too excited? LOL

Kar getting her hand eaten by a pumpkin + getting photobombed
Halloween decorations were up but none of the attractions were open yet when we were there. =(

First things first, race to buy hair accessories to wear around for the whole day!

Marie; Stitch; Piglet
We were excited about EVERYTHING! Haha. Love it when everyone has the same interest.

Marching band in the square!
I LOVE ALL DISNEY SONGS!! Haha Kept trying to identify what song it was and which show it came from.

Everyone's SO HAPPY AND NICE! I wish it was like that EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Cycling pianist! Totally unsuspecting.
This guy cycled around and stopped randomly to play classic Disney songs!! *LOVE* He thought I was taking a photo of him... Well, I was... But Eunice was standing behind him (see top left picture). Hahah totally unsuspecting.

Trying to stop the car?
Okay the driver totally looked at me like I was an idiot. =(

Having fun in the store. 
The stores are MAJOR FUN! So many things to buy!!! And!! The picture on the bottom right!!! I want the 4th one!! Cinderella!!! But too bad the toys are random....

Hong Kong Disneyland has the Sleeping Beauty castle, while Tokyo Disneyland has the Cinderella castle.

ONE THING I have to mention is that..... both times I've been to Disneyland, I'VE NEVER GONE INSIDE THE CASTLE!!! *sad* I seriously don't know that the castle is open (or has an attraction inside). What the....?! Only saw it on wiki while blogging. T_____T I remember we walked through the castle (some pathway that goes through the castle), but did not see any doors or queues or anything! WHAT IS THISSSSSS......!!!!???

Castle!; Silly shot; Us!; Halloween decorations
I brought the gorillapod along and we attached it to the bench facing the castle to take photos!

Hahaha the gorillapod actually moved and the top of the castle got cut off. =X

All the quaint houses! Disney-themed desserts!
I would seriously want to live in a house this quaint! They're all so adorable!!! Especially the 2nd one on the right of the picture above.

Tarzan's Treehouse
"You should be sober and in good health to climb Tarzan's Treehouse" HAHAHA WHUT?!

Halloween decorations

Mickey's Philhar Magic
This is a MUST WATCH on a hot day! Hahaha. It's airconditioned inside, which was a huge relief from the heat outside after taking so many jumpshots. PLUS! It was realllyyyyy goooodd!! It's a 4D film and the 3D effects with the glasses were SO MUCH BETTER than any 3D movies out there at the moment. Loved every moment of it because it was filled with Disney music!

Random pictures
Kar was kind of dressed at Luigi that day. Haha very cute! She seems to have a lot of green stuff lately though.

We went to queue up to take photos with the mascots next! There was an area with pavilions and a mascot in each pavilion to take pictures with.

Pluto; Goofy
Took group shots with Pluto and Goofy only then we realised that there were others in groups that did the individual shots then group shot. Hahaha Kiasu Singaporeans we are, we followed suit for the next 3. Why not, right? There weren't many people in the queue anyway.

But right when we were queuing for a photo with Pooh, the mascots took a break (presumably to change shifts) and made a show of walking off. Mickey and Minnie meeting along the path, hugging and all.

Going for a break!

Pooh bear Winnie the Pooh bear~

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

By this time we were nearly collapsing from hungry. Hahahaha. So we went to look for food!!

Beef noodles; Mushroom Rice (CARROT HAND)
Can't remember exactly what we ate, just that the noodles were really good! Some theme parks have really lousy food, but not in Disneyland! Just that it's a little pricier, but if it's good, I don't mind paying a little more. =)

It's a small world!
Another cooling ride! The song kept playing in my head after that. =/

Winnie the Pooh's ride!
It was actually quite fun, with the ride turning/twisting/bouncing. Haha. So freakin' adorable.

Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming!
Is it me or is the name of all the Princes... Prince Charming? Okay maybe in Little Mermaid, the guy is called Eric. But most of the fairytales do not have names for the male 'leads'. Haha Maybe because the ladies are the main attraction of the story? =S

Snow White and the 7 Dwarves
An interesting thing I found out while researching the Prince Charming thing (one click led to another, I ended up reading about the different Disneylands and the inside of each castle), was that Snow White in the picture above was made the same height as the dwarves, so she's placed higher to create the illusion that she's taller? Cool stuff.

AND WE DIDN'T ENTER THE CASTLE!! WHAT IS THIS!!?! I clearly remember walking through the castle but it didn't have anything to see at all. But Wikipedia says there's an attraction inside!? And one in the Cinderella castle in Japan's Disneyland too (didn't go into that one too)!! =(

Stitch Encounter
This was fun! Actually we just sat in a room with tons of other people, then Stitch appeared on the screen and pointed people out, asking them stuff. It was pretty funny and there were actually pictures of some of the people on screen. Haha I think they had like cameras everywhere or something. Plus, it was a relief to get out of the sun for a little while again. =D

Next up, we watched the parade!! <3

Flights of Fantasy, 5th Anniversary!
Everyone's so cheery and nice! *tears* I want to live here forever!

Marching band! + Guy who actually looked into my camera =D
They are ALL SO CAMERA FRIENDLY!! \o/ Tons of them actually posed/looked at my camera. I felt like a kid all over again. =P Okay, more pictures, less words time.

Mickey & gang's float!

Winnie the Pooh! (LOOK AT TIGGER!!)

Princesses! <3

Lion King & Jungle Book!


Love the colors!


Lilo & Stitch
=( Stitch was facing the other side T_T

Toy Story!
Thus ends the parade!! "Fei hei fei hei fei hei~"


Merry-go-round! Cinderella-themed

The Sword in the Stone
Us being retarded hahahahahahahahaha.

Noticed these statues in one of the food courts among the seating area, so we went in to take pictures. <3

Banners on the wall!
Left Disneyland just to go take pictures in the Mickey Mouse MTR before coming back for fireworks!



Hehehe. Love the MTR!
We took the MTR to and back again. Tons of people were leaving. But at 5ish, there weren't many going towards Disneyland, so we got to take self-timed shots in the train itself. =D

Attempt at jump shots, again
Attempted taking jumpshots again because we still had time. Fireworks start at 7.30pm. Oh and my DSLR ran out of juice. =( Which I thought so, but it was just that my memory card was full. Dammit. I could've used it for fireworks pictures =( GAHHHH!

The worst thing happened just then. IT STARTED POURING! Not raining, POURING! =( We ran for shelter at the above place, a train station inside Disneyland. Stood outside the 'station' under a random umbrella (those you see at outdoor picnic tables) to wait out the rain. Was really worried the fireworks would be cancelled (rain + weekday) because I didn't get to see the one in Japan the other time too. >.< But the staffs told us the fireworks will go on as usual (we asked every one we ran into). So we waited. 3 of us under one small wobbly umbrella. Hahahaha. We stood there for more than an hour. But we had the best view of the castle because the train station was elevated and had a direct view of the castle!

Our view in the rain.
There were tons on people in the shelter seen in the picture above. Lol. Quite glad we were where we were.



We were setting up (trying to plan how to take pictures of the fireworks if the rain continued and we had to stand under the umbrella when we saw fireworks! Took it by chance because it was only like 10secs long. Think it was some 'test/trial' before they started the actual one.

Nightview of Disneyland using my iphone.

The castle!
When the castle's lights dimmed, we knew it was time!! Haha the rain actually stopped and we moved towards the danister in front of us and I attached the gorillapod to the banister with Eu's digicam while using my iphone for pictures. LOL the 3 of us were a sight. Kar taking photos with her m4/3 and video on her digicam, Eu taking video on her iphone, me taking photos on Eu's digicam and photos on my iphone. We're the epitome of kiasu. =X But hey! It was all worth it man! I'm still pissed with myself about failing to notice it was my memory card that was full, not battery drained. ARGHHHH!! =(

Magical fireworks! (iphone)
Love the one in the top right! It was the start of the fireworks, and the music was "When you wish upon a star", and they look like shooting stars! Heart skipped a beat.

Fireworks from Eu's cam (click to see bigger version)
The fireworks were so so so awesome! We were in awe even after the thing has ended and were rewatching the videos again and again while making our way back to the hotel. Haha we're truly Disney-kids.

Took the train back to Olympic! Bought some really cheap phone covers near the station (even cheaper than Ladies' Market/Temple Street). Hurhurhur. Oh and saw a guy with like 6 dogs of different sizes! All were offleash-ed but very very well-behaved! Very attached to the owner and very well-maintained! Ranging from Labrador Retrievers to Shih Tzus? Very impressed when the dogs could do a ton of tricks. You definitely can't find this in Sg. Damn. Forgot to take a photo.

We were all knackered by then. Wanted to just lie down and sleep, anywhere. Hahaha. In our excitement over the fireworks, we totally forgot about dinner. =/ While walking back to the hotel, we found a place to have dinner/supper at (I think it was 9pm already).

Porridge! (Look at our tired faces)
The porridge was really really good!! So many varieties for porridge.

Buys for the day.
One more day till we leave Hong Kong! =( 

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