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Hong Kong Day 2/4 (180911)

And so after a crazy Day 1, we embarked on Day 2! Love the signs in the MTR (did I say that already?).
Woke up at about 9am and started watching this TV show we watched a little the previous night after we got back. Chinese period drama, 步步惊心. It's really good! We (yes, even Eunice) finished all 35 episodes after we got back. Haha. It's really highly addictive. Even managed to get some friends to start watching. =D

Front of the hotel!
The plan for the day was to meet Kar's friend, eat dim sum, then go around Causeway Bay to a dog or cat cafe, then go up The Peak? And maybe the night market if we have the time.

Woke up at about 8.30-9am and ordered room service!!! First time we ever had room service anywhere LOL. Because it's always so expensive. We ordered only one set because we just needed to line our stomachs till we met Kar's friend for dimsum at about 11.30am.

Oh and we totally didn't want to wake up. Legs were majorly aching!!!

Plus, the set was really huge. I LOVE THE CROISSANTS!!! Definitely more than enough for 2 persons, just nice for us 3. Hahaha. Who eats 3 croissants in the morning?! AND WE ATE IN BED! Lol. Due to the fact that we don't have a table in the room...... Haha. Awesome.

And thus we head out!

Parking meter.
I wonder how that works in HK. I mean, if that's in SG, I'm VERY sure it won't work. And wouldn't you need tons of these along a stretch of road? The roadside parking in HK is very interesting though.

Met up with Kar's friend, Nakayo, and walked to the restaurant! I don't think I've ever walked so much in SG. Only when I'm overseas. That time in Japan, we walked tons too. It just isn't as interesting to walk in SG as compared to overseas.

Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant
Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant 富聲魚翅海鮮酒家
Location: Wanchai, HK

1/F, Sunshine Plaza,
353 Lockhart Road,
Wanchai, HK

(T) +852 2893 0881

Don't worry, we didn't eat any shark's fins. The whole aim was dim sum. =D CAN I SAY THAT I LOVED EVERY ITEM WE ORDERED?!?!

Pu Erh tea; Fried Chang Fen in XO sauce; BEST BBQ PORK EVER; DAMN GOOD ROAST PORK
The chang fen in XO sauce was very very tasty. Each roll was soft and moist! Not too dry, not soggy. Major loveeeee.
And the BBQ PORK!!! I'm drooling now. I want to go back to Hong Kong NOW!!! Totally melts in your mouth kind of experience. I love this kind, not the gross artificially coloured kind they sell in SG.
The roast pork was so awesommeeee. The top was so crispy and the meat so soft. *drools*

Custard bun!!!; inside the bun!!; Siew Mai; Har Gow
Ooooo I got to eat my custard bun!!! The filling was SO GOOD. The custard filling with salted egg yolk taste.. WAHHH *heaven* The Siew Mai was gooooood, but the green pea.. Hahaha. AND THE HAR GOW!!! The shrimp inside was so huge and succulent. I love dimsum hahaha. And that hargow picture is short of one because it was eateeeennn. Everything was just too good!

Beancurd skin wrapping something; steam cake; Char Siew Bao; Egg tarts
I don't really know the names for the top 2 items, but they were so yummy! The steam cake was not too sweet, but Kar said otherwise. Haha. Very interesting Char Siew Bao; deep fried instead of steamed. Very yummy fillings! And the egg tarts! Very small, but perfect to fit into your mouth!

Mango Pudding; Mango Sago Pomelo; Longan with Tang Yuan; Red Bean soup
Ordered the mango pudding, but the other 3 (bottom picture) was complimentary (there were 4 bowls of complimentary dessert, didn't take a picture of the extra mango sago pomelo)! Interesting to know that there was complimentary dessert! The mango pudding was the kind I love too! Very thick, very milky. Nice. The other desserts were good too! =D I'm a desserts girl.

So after the extremely filling meal (not to mention we ate earlier. Omg weight gain!), we walked from Wan Chai to Causeway Bay....

Dogside Cafe
We actually looked for this Dogside Cafe, went up and came down. Lol. Kar's friend didn't really fancy dogs and actually said she would wait for us while we were upstairs in the cafe. Took a quick look and came back down without staying, because it's mostly for dog owners and didn't want her friend to be waiting for us.

Next up, finally reaching Causeway Bay.
Times Square; Kar's friend Nakayo + Kar; Us in the washroom
I wore slippers that day. 
The funny thing about the slippers was that..... By the end of the day, the flower prints actually came off from all the walking and I had eroded my foot print on the slipper base. =.= #win

After walking around Times Square for abit, we decided to explore the area and tried to search for the cat cafe, Ah Meow Cafe. Got sidetracked and went to Muji and Uniqlo, and actually spotted the cafe opposite!!! Hahaha. Actually thought it would be difficult to find... Anyway......

Took an old school lift!!! 
Had to open our own lift door!! Haha cool. #easilyfascinated. Saw a sign to a pet shop at the same level as the cat cafe and went there first. They sold cats, but the main point was the cats looked HAPPY. They were all housed together in this glass enclosed area with toys, scratching post, hideouts etc etc. Most of them were together! A few different breeds and they all looked so happy!!! Why aren't Sg's pet shops like that too??? Too bad no photos allowed... Oh and they had a Persian walking around the shop!! Best thing ever.

And on to the cat cafe!!!

Outside the cafe; menu; Cappucino; Member's card
Ahhhh. Damn. Should've ordered a latte or something. I had a lychee soda, so no cute picture on my drink =(

They have 2 British Shorthair cats in the shop (left one in the picture above). Same color. Hahaha so adorable!!! The one on the right is probably a mix of British Shorthair and something? Very round!!! LIKEEESSSSS!!!!

So many kittehs!!!! *major love* I was kind of going crazy in the cafe. It was crowded though. Would be so much better if we had the time to go on a weekday. Haha. Thanks Eueu and Kar for going there with me. =D Why don't we have these in sg?!

There were a few kittens but this little one was completely #notshy. Hahaha. *hugs*

And so......... since we were at Causeway Bay, we went to find our way to The Peak Tram!!! *walk walk walk* Crazy uphill walk. Lol.

Uphill road; The Peak Tram; Tickets; The tram!!

Very tilted view while going up.
The ride up was kind of crazy steep, and I'm very thankful we actually got seats. The queue for the tram WAS SO LONG (again). Because of the weekend. Damn. You really can't go on a holiday on a weekend. =.=

I have to say, the view up there was crazy beautiful!!! Glad we got to catch the sunset!

View of Hong Kong

We weren't really interested in going into Madam Tussaud's since we were not really big fans of... anyone inside. Hahaha. So we had fun with the Bruce Lee figure outside (for people to take photos with). Queued up a couple of times and came up with weird poses. AHAHHAHA. EVERYONE WAS STARING.

Kar; Eu; Eu; Me
Eunice's the biggest perv LOLOLOL. Took the tram down again (massive crowd), and we took a bus!! To Wan Chai MTR. Lol. Was totally afraid we were going to get lost. Hahahaha.

From Wan Chai to Jordan
Headed to Jordan to get to TEMPLE STREET!!

Ice Cream Van; Temple Street; Jordan to Yau Ma Tei
Uh.... Actually, Temple Street doesn't really have much to buy. If you want cheap tripods or gorrilapods maybe. Haha. Went through a whole street of fortune tellers, another of old people doing karaoke in public and people selling the same things at all the stalls.

Reached Yau Ma Tei (approx. 1km if you walk straight from Jordan along Nathan Rd, but we went along Temple Street and took many turns), so we took one stop to Mong Kok. Also, we were trying to catch the shuttle bus back to the hotel.

The hotel has a free shuttle bus service, but the problem was, we didn't know the exact location it was going to drop off/pick up people at, just that it's along that street. And we had no idea what the bus looked like. So we were going to risk it, or walk from Mong Kok back to the hotel, which was another 1km+.


Noodle Shop
It was kind of a mad rush where we went to some random shop to get some noodles, then while walking back, spotted a stall selling roast pigeons. Haha One of the aims was to try roast pigeon! So we ordered one, but it took reallllyyyy long to prepare. Bought 2 custard buns from a random dimsum stall along the road to try. Eueu and I went back to the street the bus was supposed to arrive at, and we each stood at one end of the street to wait. Lucky we managed to board the bus. LOL.

Roast Pigeon!; Noodles; Custard buns.
Roast pigeon tastes like... duck. Serious. And the noodles were okay, but the soup was MSG laden. =.= The custard buns were really.... custard. No sign of salted egg yolk at all =(

Kar went downstairs to get the message thing the hotel left us on the phone, and we did a porepack while waiting for her. My nose is gross. Lol.

Original Adidas Jacket for him; Mario Cap; Shorts; Envelope Clutch
Disneyland next!!! (It's going to be a very very very very long entry.)

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