Friday, October 21, 2011

Hong Kong Day 1/4 (170911)

Singapore Changi Airport; Julius; Sunrise; Luggages; MeeSiam; Tickets!!; US!!!
Our journey begins!!!
First time the 3 of us traveled w/o a parent. 
First time we took a plane together. 
Our first time to Hong Kong!!

(Took me a month to get around blogging about it)
Anyway the pictures will mostly be in collages because there're just too many pictures.

My luggage
My family was asking me why I was bringing such a huge luggage for a 4 day trip.. Kar and Eueu's luggages were bigger. =.= Julius came along too!

My luggage was like a mini one next to theirs.

Spent the night before at Kar's place so we could go to the airport together in the morning. *rolls around* Ended up playing this new game Eu downloaded on the iPhone the whole night. DragonVale!! Addictive stuff. All 3 of us are still playing it after a month.

Headed for the airport in the cab then Kar realised she totally left behind her camera bag. #win Lucky she stays in Pasir Ris otherwise we'd probably make her abandon her bag. #justkidding

Crumpler-siao woman.
Haha this woman was carrying so many Crumpler things. =.= So we checked-in and walked around in the terminal looking for food. Flight was at 8am, we reached the airport around 6am? Or was it even earlier...

Free handphone charging booth!
The iPhone drains very very quickly. Lucky we found this handphone charging booth and left our phones inside. All 3 of them. Then we went to search for food. Ate some meesiam from Killiney's, but man it sucked really bad. Very oily and price is so not justifiable. #indignant


Plane food; Us; Hong Kong Airlines; Eu sitting on the luggages;  HONG KONG AIRPORT
I don't know what it is but the croissants in Hong Kong are DIFFERENT. See that in the top left hand of the above picture? It's round-ish! So soft and nice!!!! Love it tons. And we all took the egg and sausage set. Totally regretted it because the egg was full of veggies and tasted weird. Love the long beans though. After sitting in the plane for like 4hours, WE LANDED!!! Super excited.

Had to meet our tour agency for the bus shuttle to our hotel. Interesting thing is that they have this meeting point with posts containing logos of the travel agents for meeting points. I think this is much easier than holding a sign and waiting at the exit of the arrival hall. Gathered with a group of people who were taking the shuttle bus and boarded the bus!! Wahahaha.

Roads in Hong Kong; Julius in bus; Road signs; Interesting no parking sign
Dropped of the 1st group of people at Rambler Garden Hotel in Tsing Yi. We were supposed to stay there but we did an upgrade. Thank God we did an upgrade, because that place is in the middle of nowhere. Like, seriously.

Cosmo Hotel, Mongkok
I love the hotel! It's along Tai Kok Tsui Road. Kind of far from MongKok station itself, but still within walking distance. Nearest station is Olympic. The hotel is small but clean and homely. We booked a triple-sharing room so it was kind of cramped, but very bright and clean and cosy. The toilet was small but nice! Love the rain shower. Haha. Lookked into one of the rooms nearby (cos they were doing housekeeping) and saw that the extra bed was supposed to be empty space. Haha. Doesn't matter to us much as long as the beds were comfy and the room was not scary. Oh and free wifi at the lobby!

After washing up and putting away things, we headed out!

So... Guardian is called mannings in Hong Kong?

One of the first things we settled was buying a prepaid card. Preferably with 3G/internet access. Couldn't find any with unlimited internet access like the one in Malaysia, so we settled for this. And the sim card was pre-cut! So we didn't have to look for a mobile phone shop to do it for us. Bought this at a random 7-11. 

Next up, finding our way to the MTR station. The hotel's concierge was very friendly and they have an awesome map for us to follow! Better than the one we brought from Singapore. =.= 

Olympic > Tung Chung > Lai King > Mong Kok
Made a point to take a picture of each MTR sign of each station (can be found on pillars near the doors to the trains).

Octopus card!
Citygate Outlets

Went to Tung Chung to take a ride in the cable car, see the giant buddha and go for some shopping at Citygate. Time wasn't on our side because the queue for the cable car was crazy long. Probably because it was a Saturday, which explained the queue. =( We actually queued for more than an hour in the sun. 

Tickets; Cable car; Mountain Dew; feet on glass above water.
Boarded the cable car at approximately 5.30pm. Ride takes about 20-30mins? And the station closes at 6.30pm. #win. The return trip was packed like mad. Didn't have the chance to explore the area. Would very much love to explore the are next time!!! =( 

Way up!!! 
That was the back view. Leaving Citygate! Haha. And going up up up! I'm afraid of heights. Though I think I'm actually getting better because I didn't break out in cold sweat =.=

Giant Buddha!
In the cable car
Spotted this random person up a mountain/hill in the middle of nowhere.
It was about halfway through the ride? Way too far away from the base of the buddha and cable car terminal. Scary stuff. But I love this picture. Haha.

Pretty sunset!
At least we got to see a gorgeous sunset. 
Took the cable car back to citygate, but didn't buy anything at the outlet stores because they were.... not very nice. Made our way to Mong Kok to see the night markets instead. Oh and we bought bread from the supermarket. Hotdog buns! We didn't eat anything from since the plane food (10am?) until about 7pm? Lol. It's quite amazing we didn't collapse.

The Ladies' Market was interesting but didn't buy much because 90% were selling imitation goods. I should've just bought one of those fake LeSportSac to use for chalets. Haha. But I didn't. So many knock-offs of Cath Kidston! They were all so prettttyyyy!!! But I resisted. =(

Shopping 'haul': Pants, shorts, portable iphone charger and Mong Kok magnet.
So after walking up and down Ladies' Market and a little of Fa Yuen Street, we kind of realised it was late and went to buy some takeaway to bring back to the hotel. Took us awhile with the map to figure out where we were and after some major walking, we reached the hotel!!! But not before stopping by Macs to get a Sausage McMuffin with Egg because I heard that they have it 24hrs there.

Bubble tea; BEST LOK LOK; Sausage McMuffin with Egg
The Bubble tea was awesome, cheap and good in an extra large cup. The loklok from a random stall (we didn't even know what some of the things were) was so so good! Bacon wrapped golden mushrooms and some pork slices. The sausage mcmuffin failed. Too dry and bread was hard.

It was a long long day out walking. And we ate really little. Hahaha. Amazing.

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