Tuesday, August 09, 2011

This is Dillon

This is Dillon. He might have a chance at a new home soon. =) Happy for him, definitely. Kind of sad, that too. I realised I have many many MANY pictures and videos of him. Since I can't be there to send him off this coming Saturday, I figured I should drop by today and give him a few big hugs and kisses, some treats, and an outing at the dog run. 

I hope his new family brings him out often. He loves interacting with other dogs. 

My first picture of him!
He was about 6 months old when the above picture was taken. I have to say that I really liked the picture. One thing I have to say is that I didn't really took a liking to him at first, because there were so many people fawning over him. I thought since he had so many fans, I should go find someone else to shower some affection upon. You probably read about Rocky some time last year.. But he got adopted already! So I was kind of open to someone else to shower all my favoritism on. Lol. 

Our story has got to be... fate. Haha. I became his handler for the dog training program we went through by a dog trainer who very kindly came down every weekend to teach all of us humans and dogs.

And so I grew to like his silly face. He used to tug alot on the leash, but now he walks next to you at your pace.

Last day of training!

Favouritism Day
We had a Favouritism Day, where the regulars brought their favourite dogs out to East Coast Park. Of course I picked Dillon.

During the adoption drive
Reunion Dinner
Furry Day
In the car
I brought him out to the park once. Just him and me.

At Pasir Ris Park
I remember taking a long and slow walk with him. Ahhh... Happiness. 

The thing I like about him is that he's definitely okay with other dogs. He just minds his own business, or maybe run around with a few willing ones. 

I brought him to the doggy pool, just so I could teach him how to swim. He didn't like it at first, but he got the hang of it in the end.

Watch him swim willingly! *love*

Love all his silly expressions. 

With a bone in his mouth
$10 photoshoot at the Mutts 'n' Mittens' flea
I paid to get him a mugshot. The color of his eyes turned out really well. =)

Photo by Furry Photos
Best Friend Run
Signed up with him for the Best Friend Run. It was a 2km walk in the park, but it was really fun and memorable.

Junior and Dillon
The numerous outings to the dog run...

His silly face
Sticking his whole head into the container for food

Went down to snap some photos of him today... I actually forgot to change the settings and didn't save any raw files for the first half... =( The colors are weird. 

Silly face
Intense eyes
His eye
His wet nose and big mouth
His pawpaw
The white spot on his back
Him being a greedy pig.
Brothers! Look at his silly expression
I love this picture.
Dillon what are you doing behind?
Getting splashed with water by DaElle
Being very good with dogs of all shapes and sizes.
I think I'm going to miss his silliness most. Making me laugh by running to fast and skidding. Quietly standing by and walking by my side... I hope the family loves him more than I do... Bring him for walks, to the dog run, for a swim, etc etc. 

He is probably as close as "my own dog" as I'll get in these next few years... *pats head* Good luck, boy.

My absolute favorite picture of him, because he was looking directly at me. =)

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