Saturday, August 20, 2011

Natsu Matsuri 2011

Summer Festival 2011
Natsu Matsuri, also known as the Summer Festival, is a very popular festival in Japan. There's one held in Singapore every year around the end of August at The Japanese School's Changi Campus. 

This year, other than Eueu, Kar and I, Cl came along too. We started queuing from about 2pm? We got pretty lucky because we were right in the shade of a tree. ^-^

All concentrating on... Jenga!
Played Jenga on our phones (3 multiplayer games at once) while queuing to pass time. 

Group pic!
Kar's VERY Adidas phone.
Admission and Game tickets!
Yukata rental
 Didn't even bother trying to queue for the yukata rental. Crazy long queue. We said we'd wear yukata/jinbei this year, but we didn't do it. =/ But we did bring something to wear~~

Bought some food for dinner, then went out the the open field to watch the performances.

Kids dancing!
There's no more candied apple stall!! *sadface*

 My teriyaki pork don was SO GOOD! The rest bought the pork curry don (very tasty too!). The takoyaki was yummmmmmm! Only the caramel pudding sucked. Meh.

Pikachu needs big eye lens?
Balloon game!
 We have to try to 'fish' as many balloons as possible using the little hook on a paper string. Takes some skill!

Eueu playing the 'lucky draw' game.
Kar won a Thomas and Friends train set from the lucky draw game! The rest of us weren't so lucky =( Won some food and drinks though.

I would definitely want to come back again next year, if possible! Wearing a traditional costume, please.

Mata ne!

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