Sunday, August 21, 2011

National Dog Walk 2011

Nugget's pretty eyes! 
After a crazy long day yesterday, we still managed to roll out of bed this morning and head down to East Coast Park for the National Dog Walk 2011!! It was me (NO DOG T_T), Eueu + Echo & Nugget and Long + Droopy.

Reached East Coast at about 2pm? The event started at 9am (agility and stuff), so we reached a little later since the walk itself was slated for flag off at 4pm.

Some mingling
Droopy and his big tongue
Tons of dogs spotted!! <3 When will it be me holding the leash of my own dog....? =(

Hello handsome! (long haired GSD)
Gentle giant! Very well behaved! I don't remember GSDs having long fur, but this one was really soft and smooth! <3
Echo and Nugget
Love these 2 little monsters. Haha. So adorable! Best pair ever.

Jazz's new addition, Smash! Very unique coloring on him. And very food motivated too. Lol.

Favourite boy - Echo! Yes, that's me lying on the grass. Tireddddd. Echo's ears are comical =X

Clockwise from top left: Echo, Max, Droopy, Chestnut, Nugget!
Haha Cheryl, Charlene and Yvonne came by right before the walk started! They brought Chestnut and Max along! We ended up not joining the walk (errrrm. My aim was for the tshirt & take pictures of cute dogs actually). 

GUESS WHAT?! There was a lucky draw for the event and all THREE of us won something!!! I won a Mont Blanc card holder, Eueu won a 1 (or was it 2?) night hotel stay in Malacca and Long won a set of crystal wine glasses! First time ever. How awesome was that?!! 

The whole bunch of us (yes. 6 humans and 5 dogs) went down to The Garden Slug for dinner! Omg I love the Smoked Salmon Pasta. Had it like thrice already? I don't think I'll ever order anything else on the menu hahahaha. 

And now.... for my absolute favourite shot of the day!!! Mind you, they're rarely this loving. 

Echo and Nugget!
How was your weekend? =))

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