Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FurryDay 12

Another successful FurryDay by Gentle Paws! This time round we didn't put out a call for volunteers to join us in this outing. A group of students from NTU's Animal Lovers' Society arranged with us for their members to join this event, so it was somewhat an event for them? 

Usual place at the beach, with all the furkids having a ball of a time. Other than Dozer, who stuck by Jh's side all the time... 

Jh and Dozer
Doris! Love her eyes in this picture.
Major show of affection. Lol
Went back to the shelter to get all the dogs bathed and fed. It's no easy job ferrying all the dogs to and from the shelter. This requires commitment and dedication. Everyone was awesome that day. =)) I was there to take photos, but I don't think I took enough. Haha. Too tired to function properly. =/

 Not all the photos are here though.. The rest are on Facebook. Don't want to waste too much of the photo storage space =X

Damsel and her funny ears
Last but not least, Damsel and her funny ears!

Selamat Hari Raya!

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