Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mango Cake

Mango Cake
Grandma's Birthday was yesterday. We always have mango cakes for all the birthdays in our family, so I though I might as well learn to bake one. Scoured the net for a recipe for Sg-style mango cake (like those Bengawan Solo/Prima Deli kind?). I managed to find one from My Wok Life. I've been trying since... Tuesday? Can't remember exactly, but I do remember baking a grand total of 4 cakes since that day. Only one is passable.

The reason why they failed was because they didn't rise. At all. Like, seriously. I was quite pissed off by the time I reached the 3rd cake, but I gave the 4th cake another try on Friday by reducing the amount of milk added, and it managed to rise a little! =D I shall give it a go again if I can take the failure. =.=

Took me awhile but I found out what was wrong with my cake and tweaked the recipe from My Wok Life to get my cake. Not perfect, but better than the previous 3.

Recipe (after some tweaking):

Ingredients for the cake:
200 grams of sponge cake premix (Optima Ready Mix from Bake King brand)
4 medium eggs
20ml milk
10 gram of butter (1 teaspoon sized)
1 teaspoon of mango flavour
1 teaspoon of sponge cake stabilizer

200ml of whipped cream 
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

2 ripe mangoes, diced (Half the amount for filling, half the amount fot topping. Dice it chunk for the topping.)

1) Mix cake premix flour, butter, milk mixture, and egg yolks into mixing bowl and mix well. 

2) Use electrical mixer to beat egg whites till fluffy, forming soft peaks.

3) Fold egg whites into batter.

4) Pre-heat oven at 180°C.

5) Grease and line a sheet of grease-proof paper evenly on a 8” square or round baking pan. Pour in cake mixture.

4) Place baking pan at centre rack. Bake for 30 – 35 min using 180°C (top and bottom heat on), or until toothpick inserted in the centre comes out completely clean.

5) Allow cake to cool on wire rack, for about an hour.

6) When cake is completely cooled, slice it into 2 layers, using bread knife.

7) Filling: Whip ingredients for the filling together until stiff peaks form. Keep mixture cold to prevent whipped cream from melting. 

8) For filling the cake: Use half the amount of whipped cream with half the amount of diced mangoes you have prepared, and combine it well. Spread a thick layer of filling evenly on the bottom layer of cake. Leave some space around the edge of the cake.

9) Top another layer of cake. Spread another half amount of whipped cream just on top or covering the whole cake. Next, place another half amount of the chunky diced mangoes on top evenly. Chill decorated cake in the refrigerator till ready to serve.

Inside of the mango cake!
The cake was really nice (though I slathered on too much whipped cream). I should probably increase the amount of mango flavoring because the mango toppings overwhelmed the cake in taste, rendering the cake kind of tasteless.

=D Good try though! Maybe a mango mousse filling next time instead of whipped cream? =))

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