Friday, June 17, 2011


More pictures after the jump!

Finally met Gabby in the day. We always meet on Friday evenings at the dogrun for the furkids to play after work, but we could finally go in the day because Nana wanted to bring Gabby out before we went for steamboat with the rest. 

And so I used this chance to snap some pictures of him! He can't stop moving for long.... A real challenge. 

I like this picture! Can be used as a blog banner/background!
I'm still an amateur though. Not all the shots pass the grade. Haha. Going to try harder but this boy is really tough to photograph!

Am glad I managed to get some pictures! 

Ball ball!

Gabby can't seem to close his mouth hahahahaha. 

Ah woooo~~~
Over and out. =)

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