Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Double Date at Waraku

Met Nana and Andrew for a double date at Waraku @ The Central. 1st time there! So many choices in the menu. I couldn't decide what to eat. Lol

Andrew's beef something?
Nana says he orders the same dish every single time when he goes to Waraku. Lol. Must try this next time.

Read on to see tons of food pictures!!!

Spicy Ramen?
I seriously cannot remember the names of the dishes we ordered. LOL. All I remember is that the ramen was spicy and not bad. O.O

Curry Udon
My curry udon! This is remember, because it's the simplest. Hurhur. But I wouldn't order it again because I didn't really like the taste of the curry. =/

Nana's Tomato Ramen

Waraku Salad?

Enoki Mushrooms wrapped with Bacon

Quail eggs wrapped with Bacon

California Maki
We then walked to Liang Court with the aim of getting some crepes. Walked around Meidi-ya first and looked at all sorts of food (the beef counter is... awesome).

Nana and I
I love the crepes! The closest to something like the ones from Japan. =D

Overall, I had an awesome night! We should do this more often. Haha.

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