Friday, May 06, 2011

Long time.

I... haven't really written any lenghty and personal post in a long long while as you can probably see. Maybe I shall attempt it today. I've been posting pictures of food/friends/dogs/cats lately. I think it has become my habit to blog 'events' in my life that consists of pictures now.

Let's see...

This idiot girl Muffin injured her toe on her back left paw. I clearly remember checking all their paws the day before because I was planning to trim their nails and I swear it was perfectly alright. Within a night, it swelled and had an infection.

This was on the 28th April. And the vet called to postpone my appointment to Friday because there was an emergency surgery. Win. It got worse the next day. =.= Costs a bomb to visit the vet. Because of the infection, the vet couldn't tell if there was anything lodged in her toe or whether it was inflamed because of nothing. 

Apparently, it's nothing because after 3 days of medicating this girl, she's perfectly alright now. =.= And she has been a bitch to medicate. Worse than Thierry. 

Cone of shame

Went to Sushi Kikuzawa again on the 28th April! This time, the chef served us fugu! I felt really paranoid eating it. Plus, I didn't like the taste one bit. =(

Collected the Best Friend Run race kit on Monday!

Dog's goodie bag. Cat not included
 Dogs' goodie bag was so so so so much better than the humans'. Humans' one consisted of... like 2 vouchers............. =(

Race bibs!
I can't wait for this Sunday! The amazing thing is that the race has been brought forward! At first, we were worried we couldn't attend because of lab on Sunday. The timing didn't really favor us, but thank God that everything's alright now!!! <3<3

5 packets of Cheese Balls
I love this stuff. It's wayyyyy better than Super Ring. Old school tidbits, I like.

One Lock'n'Lock
5 packets, all into one container. Awesome. That was on.. Tuesday? It's 4/5 gone. LOL.

ANYWAY! I'll be voting for the FIRST TIME in my life TOMORROW in the General Elections in SG. You know what? I'm kind of excited. But I think the outcome for my GRC is pretty much obvious. 

The major change for this year's election has got to be the fact that there are wayyyy more social media outlets available for people to gain information from, instead of biased sources of the norm. Plus, many from my generation are now eligible to vote. I suppose judging from the information I've been reading so far, 80% are unhappy about the current situation. Today's the Cooling-Off Day and tomorrow's Voting Day. Sad to say, I've not attended any rallies. =( I've been trying to keep up with news via some social media platforms, but it's not easy when it's like a flood. =.= I can't wait to know the results though! Vote wisely. =))

Hello Kitty iPhone4 cover
You know I usually don't buy imitation stuff, but this was too good to pass up. =X My reason is that this phone cover will not last long and it won't be affordable should it be authentic. An authentic Hello Kitty case goes for about $40 and above? Crazy. This cost me $8. With interchangable ribbons!! The main point is the ribbon anyway, not the face, so I couldn't be bothered. Haha. 

Today is also an important day, for us. 5 YEARS SINCE OUR 1ST DATE! Omggggoooosssshhh! It's really been a long long time eh? Lol. Milestone milestone!!

I love you. =)